Uncommon girls don't have common sense, we smile because we have no idea whats going on....... I go by Dirty D


enjoying me and my natural tresses
come with me along this journey


My biggest regret is that I let days pass by, without telling you how much you meant to me. Giving up on you without even fighting is rougher that being rejected.

I want you

I want to be that girl who he can take to his mothers house and make her smile, that girl he can’t stop dreaming, talking or smiling about, the girl thats there for him when he needs me, the girl who brings out that faithful side of him, the girl who makes him laugh, the girl that he can pick out of millions and say she’s the one I want, the girl who can pick him up when he’s down, the girl he trust his heart with, the girl he gives his player card up for, I want to be his realist who he can love unconditionally, but most importantly I want to be his future and him my forever.

Can you let me in?

I know, I might not seem your type.
But here we are, can’t you give it a try?
If truth be told, I’ve been Lost most of my life…
I’m the bird with the broken wing.
All I’m looking for is Love…
Aren’t you looking for the same thing?
I wouldn’t hurt you…
For I’ve been hurt before.
Went to battle, but I lost that war.
Now, I hope I ain’t scaring you off…
It’s just, I don’t want to get hurt no more.
Knock knock, 
Can you let me in..?
I’ve been standing awhile at this door.
Only asking.
Here I am, just wondering…
Can you let me in..?
It seems, if you can’t hear me.. 
So I’m ask again,
Can you let me in..?
Listen, Love doesn’t ask, 
it just happens.
Here we are,
So what’s happening?
Can you let me in..?
Its cold out here.
I’m freezing.
I’m stabbed and I’m bleeding…
But I know you can start my healing.
I’m feeling for you,
I’m thinking of you…
A wise man once told me,
“That’s how it starts..”
Can you let me in..?
Can’t you hear me…?
I said, your Heart.
Knock knock,
Can you let me in..?

When will you notice me

What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
Change my hair, the way I walk.
My clothes, the way I talk.
We’ve known each other for some time now 
yet I’m still invisible to you. 
My feelings run deep and how
I wish you only knew.
I see your face every time I close my eyes
To me you just seem so different from the other guys.
To you I’m just a friend
Nothing more, nothing less
I settle for friendship in the end
Because I don’t want to make a mess.
Instead I’ll keep my secret to myself 
And take my pride back off the shelf.
Until one day you finally see 
That you and I were meant to be.
I’ll wait for now but not too long
Because sooner or later I’ll be gone.
So when will you notice me?

😩😂😭😫 son…. #factsoflife bwahahahaha #realshit

😩😂😭😫 son…. #factsoflife bwahahahaha #realshit

Elle Varner “Not Tonight” if you haven’t heard this song, bless Ur ears

I’m staring at him
But I forget to pick my face up off the floor, ooooh
We’re in a crowd, but it feels like we’re alone, ooooh
Oh my god he just looked at me
And I just wanna tell him something that he’s never heard, oooh
But my lips won’t let me tell him, tell him
I would say this 

But maybe, maybe in another life
I could be the girl who walks up to the guy
And tells him, tells him how she feels inside
But, not tonight, no not tonight

What if he walks towards me 
While all the blood is rushing right to my brain
What am I gonna say, what am I gonna say 
I may stop breathing and freeze cuz
That’s the story of my life
Wouldn’t it be crazy 
If he felt, how I felt, overwhelmed and terrified
But he took my hand
And he took his chance, can I have this dance
If only we were in a Cinderella story

Maybe, maybe in another life
I could be the girl who walks up to the guy
And tells him, tells him how she feels inside
But, not tonight, tonight

Who would I be
To make my feelings known
I need a little audacity but it’s not in my bones
I’m standing here, terrified
Broken hearted, I could die, ooooohh 

I’m staring at him
But I forget to pick my face up off the floor
I feel like a fool
And even though I do 
I only wanna tell him that I love him more, more

Maybe, maybe in another life
I would be the girl who walks up to the guy
And say hey my name is Elle
And I think you’re kinda fly
But not tonight, not tonight, tonight 

Maybe, maybe in another life
I would be the girl who walks up to the guy
And tells him, tells him how she feels inside 
But not tonight, not tonight

Key to my heart

Late at night,
When I should be asleep,
Into my heart
You quietly creep,
I sit and ponder,
How could it be?
But you must have stumbled,
Across the key,
I know our friendship,
Could mean so much more,
But it’s up to you to open the door

All I want is you

I’ll tell it rather simply;
I’ll say it plain and true-
A single thing is all I want
And all I want is you.

There are no other riches,
No treasures or possessions
That ever could compare with you,
My fondest of obsessions.

You are the very air I breathe,
The ration that sustains me.
You’re all my thoughts tied up as one,
The laugh that entertains me.

You’re all that life need ever give,
The maximum that’s due.
If I could ask for anything,
I’d only ask for you.

Wanting more

Be here and with me.
Let’s know are feelings are not, 
Hop in and get it.
Hit it and quit.
We wont stop…
To start, 

Alone we walked, 
In fields of hopes and wishes…
And feeling if, 
Love skipped and missed…

We want more, 
From one…
To love.

We want trust, 
With us…
A must.

And in our secret dreams, 
Let all things for us come true.
To live, 
With us, 

We want more, 
From one…
To love.

And from one, 
To us…
There ‘is’ love.

Hello???? 👂👂👂👂

Hello???? 👂👂👂👂

I’m just trying to find a reason not to go out every evening
I need someone that’ll help me think of someone besides myself
I need someone I leave through the front door with
‘Cause we don’t wanna hide no more
‘Cause you’re not shy no more
Neither one of us wanna play the side no more
No, I’m not alone
Even though nothing was the same
Let me get your ass alone
Let me make you say my name

Never forget what happiness feels like

Never forget what happiness feels like